Security glass can be made up to any spec such as thickness, color, size and shape. Curved or flat , security glass will give you peace of mind.

Anti Hurricane glass is also a form of security glass , also known as laminated glass, it will withstand blows and attacks even though it will not offer ballistic capabilites. Security glass can be manufactured according to your specs, such as color, shape, or curvature. Contact us for any question, our team will gladly assist you.

Also known as laminated or anti-hurricane glass, it can offer a great variety of finishes, making your environment safe and unique.

We certified this glass under MIAMI-DADE parameters, assuring that this product will avoid major damage on any property due to weather.

It ranges from .6 to .8 inches thick, and it may be built with different colors, finishes or demanding shapes.

Infrastructure or security needs can be met with our wide range of products and solutions.