Armored flat glass is a great solution for today´s risks. Feel free with armored glass around you.

Are you looking on how much does bulletproof glass cost? Look no further, our flat armored glass deilvers the protection you need at a school, commerce or residence. Flat armored glass is almost undetectable , delivering original looks on any building, or residence. If you have any questions please let us assist you, our team of experts is ready to take your call.

Protection level ranges from a simple level 2 to higher protection levels such as B6 o B7 CEN Standard. It can be built in flat or curved option, and may include different tint tones to fit your ideal project.

Our armored glass will take out over 99% of UV achieving energy efficiency. This line of glass may be cleaned with any regular cleaning method.

Infrastructure or security needs can be met with our wide range of products and solutions.