If you are looking for bullet proof glass for vehicles we can gladly assist you, please contact us and let us know your armored glass needs.

When finding an automotive armored glass supplier its important to rely on experience. With over 30 years in the field we know what your project needs as far as optical quality and ballistic specs. All of our armored glass has been independently tested with available test certificates.
Manufactured with the most advanced materials, each single piece is monitored throughout the complete process, top available quality assured.

Our traditional line of glass that is price competitive and delivers exceptional quality.

2 year de-lamination warranty, excellent optics and certified ballistics. This line of glass delivers what any high demanding final user expects from a worldwide brand.

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We test and verify all our glass formulas through independent labs such as HP White and USTL.

We keep glass in stock ready to ship in less than 24 hours or we will give your money back and still send the glass.