At first glance, bulletproof glass looks identical to an ordinary piece of glass, but that's where the similarities end. Ordinary glass shatters when struck by a single bullet. Bulletproof glass, more accurately known asbullet resistant glass, is designed to withstand one or several rounds of bullets depending on the thickness of the glass and the weapon being fired at it. So, what [...]

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Gas Station Robbery Attempt

During a robbery attempt in Memphis, Tennessee in March 2021, bulletproof glass helped save the life. This happened to a convenience store clerk who was shot at point-blank range. The clerk told police the robber entered the store with a black handgun, placed a yellow bag on the counter and told him to “put some money in [...]

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The origins & evolution of bulletproff glass

In 1903, Edouard Benedictus, a French chemist accidently dropped a flask on the ground during an experiment. Inside the flask contained a liquid nitrate solution which coated the glass in a plastic layer. To his surprise, when the flask hit the ground, though it did break, the glass did not shatter. That year is widely [...]

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South African Armored Vehicle Robbery Attempt

As an armored glass manufacturer, a common question we receive from consumers is "does bulletproof glass really work?" The most effective way to answer this is to show real world examples of ballistic glass in action.   On April 22, 2021 security guards Leo Prinsloo and Lloyd Mtombeni escaped an attempted cash-in-transit heist in Pretoria, [...]

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Secur*Glass is a cutting-edge automotive and architectural armored glass manufacturer providing security solutions for all vehicle, commercial, and residential applications. The term "bulletproof glass" in architectural armored glass is commonly used to describe multi-purpose protective glass. This type of glass, specially manufactured for vehicles and structures that require additional levels of security. It is designed [...]

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