As an armored glass manufacturer, a common question we receive from consumers is “does bulletproof glass really work?” The most effective way to answer this is to show real world examples of ballistic glass in action.


On April 22, 2021 security guards Leo Prinsloo and Lloyd Mtombeni escaped an attempted cash-in-transit heist in Pretoria, South Africa. A video showed the moment armed robbers attempted the armored truck robbery. The video has since gone viral, attracting more than 10 million views on YouTube.


In the amazing footage, both security guards can be seen looking in the rear view mirror moments before a black sedan pulls up alongside and a series of loud bangs can be heard as an array of bullets hits the reinforced ballistic glass of the Toyota Land Cruiser. Moments later, another round of bullets hits the truck, again stopped by the ballistic glass on the passenger side. The bullet holes on each window made impact exactly where each of the security guards were positioned in the vehicle. Considering the high caliber of bullets fired, the glass almost certainly saved their lives.


This is just one of the many real world examples that illustrate the functionality of bulletproof glass and how it can protect people in everyday life.