Secur*Glass is a cutting-edge automotive and architectural armored glass manufacturer providing security solutions for all vehicle, commercial, and residential applications.

The term “bulletproof glass” in architectural armored glass is commonly used to describe multi-purpose protective glass. This type of glass, specially manufactured for vehicles and structures that require additional levels of security. It is designed to withstand one or many rounds of bullets depending on the weapon and the thickness of the glass. It acts as a form of armor and absorbs the energy from the bullets or other projectiles by reducing the velocity.

However, the term “bulletproof glass” tends to be misleading since the glass is not fully impenetrable. This means that “bulletproof glass” is more commonly used to describe the product. A more precise term would be “bullet-resistant glass” or “armored ballistic glass ”.

Secur*Glass manufactures both curved and flat armored glass with protection levels ranging from a simple level 2, to advanced levels such as B6 or B7 CEN Standard. More specifically, the flat armored glass level 2 would protect against a .357 Magnum. On the other hand the flat armored glass level 4 and above would offer more advanced protection against firearms such as an AK-47 and other assault rifles.