During a robbery attempt in Memphis, Tennessee in March 2021, bulletproof glass helped save the life. This happened to a convenience store clerk who was shot at point-blank range. The clerk told police the robber entered the store with a black handgun, placed a yellow bag on the counter and told him to “put some money in the bag.” The clerk, who was standing behind a bulletproof glass partition, told the suspect he had just started his shift and didn’t have any money and that’s when the robber fired one shot at him.

In the store’s surveillance video, you can see the moment the suspect steps back and shoots toward the clerk, and the clerk ducks for cover. Thankfully, the man’s bullet fell to the ground harmlessly, bouncing off of bulletproof glass separating the cashier and gunman.

The robber took off, empty-handed and the clerk was uninjured.
As an armored glass manufacturer, we frequently hear these types of news stories since retail businesses are a constant target for criminals attempting to steal some fast cash. It’s no secret that today’s risks are on the rise, and armored glass protection provides upgraded safety and peace of mind.